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Frequently Asked Questions / Flower and plant care

Will my arrangement look the same as in the pictures?

Our arrangements are meticulously designed and created according to specific recipes. From time to time, some flowers may not be available, and we will make slight substitutions of flowers or vases. However, if the substitution would result in a significantly different design, we will call you to consult.

What are the dimensions of our arrangements?

Pictures of various arrangements are not up to scale across images. Please refer to the (approximate) dimensions for each design and size. The images of each design correspond to the lower priced selection: each step up in price will corresponds to one larger model (i.e. one additional dozen, in the case of roses; one additional plant, in the case of orchids, and so on).

How long will my flowers last?

Flower arrangements that are properly cared for, should last at least 5 days.

What is the proper care for flowers?

Do not expose your flowers to direct sun or excess light at any time. Temperatures above 74 degrees will greatly compromise your flowers. Also, proximity to ripening fruits and vegetables will compromise your flowers. Changing and or adding water daily to your flowers will improve their vase life.

How long will my orchid plants last?

Phalaenopsis orchids are seasonal. When they bloom from November through April, their blooms may last more than 4 weeks when properly cared for. When they bloom from May through October they will last considerably less, even when properly cared for.

What is the proper care for orchids?

Phalaenopsis orchids should never be exposed to direct sun rays. They should only receive about 1/3 of a cup of water per plant, per week (you may also use a mister to spray the equivalent amount of water at their roots). Do not over-water and do not ever leave excess water puddling inside the vase: the roots will rot, and the plants will die quickly.

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