About Us

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The Flower Bazaar has been creating dazzling event décor for over two decades, helping clients achieve that “wow” factor that so many aspire to, but so few achieve.

Recognized as an outstanding and transformative source for creative events, The Flower Bazaar infuses flair and seamless execution to all its projects.

Under the design leadership of Thierry Adam, a Frenchman trained in interior and industrial design, The Flower Bazaar combines diverse design vocabularies and draws from global sources for its rich inspirations.

Visit our galleries to fall in love with our work, and contact us so we can accompany you through a fascinating journey.

The Flower Bazaar
The Flower Bazaar The Flower Bazaar

our approach

Every event should have an individual personality and represent a specific vision. A very diverse and experienced talent pool allows us to deliver on that vision with panache.

Customer service starts from the very first moment we answer an inquiry, and continues all the way to the conclusion of an event, and beyond.

We understand that event design and production can be very dynamic. Our goal is to always be a partner that creates, communicates and acts quickly and effectively.

Our commitment to countless loyal customers: to listen, to interpret and to execute brilliantly.